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Audit and Improvement

I have been reading The Audit Society by Michael Power, after it was recommended to me in relation to my research. Written in 1997, it describes the processes and trends in which western societies have developed audit and assurance processes … Continue reading

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What can the devolution of Health and Social care in Manchester learn from oversight in from existing devolved areas of the UK

Hi I just wrote a new blog, which is on the Manchester University Policy Blogs site….it is about what the devolution of health and social care in Manchester oversight proposals could learn from the oversight arrangements that have been established … Continue reading

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‘You can’t inspect for quality’

‘You can’t inspect for quality!’  I don’t suppose there are many people who work or study in the world of quality improvement in either industry or healthcare that can’t have heard that phase, or a phrase like it. Quality Control is … Continue reading

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My first lesson about Quality

When I left school, one of the first summer jobs I had, was in a local Bakery. This is where I learnt some really important quality lessons, which have stayed with me for life and have been just as relevant in … Continue reading

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Inspecting in Quality in the NHS?

During the last year there has been increased discussion and debate regarding inspection of quality for within the NHS.  This was partly triggered by the Francis report (2013) and the following Government response with the introduction of ‘Chief Inspectors’ working … Continue reading

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