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Good Cop, Bad Cop – Can a healthcare regulator be both?

I have had another blog published on the Policy@Manchester Website It is about the changes for TDA and Monitor (English healthcare scrutiny organisations) becoming NHS Improvement, and from my research so far, what I have learnt that could benefit regulators … Continue reading

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Audit and Improvement

I have been reading The Audit Society by Michael Power, after it was recommended to me in relation to my research. Written in 1997, it describes the processes and trends in which western societies have developed audit and assurance processes … Continue reading

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‘You can’t inspect for quality’

‘You can’t inspect for quality!’  I don’t suppose there are many people who work or study in the world of quality improvement in either industry or healthcare that can’t have heard that phase, or a phrase like it. Quality Control is … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday UK Lean Healthcare

I went to a conference recently, well a celebratory event about improvement in the NHS (it wasn’t actually a birthday party).  It was a fairly typical regional type conference designed to encourage and enthuse front-line staff in improvement activity, specifically lean activity and provide … Continue reading

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My hopes following the Virginia Mason Gemba Walk

A couple of weeks ago now, I watched on (slightly horrified and yet hopeful) as Jeremy Hunt MP and current Secretary of State for Health in England, went with a few other senior NHS and Health leaders to visit Virginia … Continue reading

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My reflections of being an improvement advisor

So, I just posted a great blog from Ayrshire Health about being an improvement advisor.  It made me think, what would my blog look like if I tried to blog on something similar? I have worked in many different areas … Continue reading

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Inspecting in Quality in the NHS?

During the last year there has been increased discussion and debate regarding inspection of quality for within the NHS.  This was partly triggered by the Francis report (2013) and the following Government response with the introduction of ‘Chief Inspectors’ working … Continue reading

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