Future blog ideas

Here are my current blog ideas, I will delete them as they become real. If you have a suggestion for a blog for me, or want to write a guest blog, please let me know and I will add it.

My ideas so far:

  1. How lean cell based work helps with authentic waste reduction;
  1. standard work challenges in healthcare;
  1. multi-method’ and multilingual improvement, mixing it all together in practice
  2. Responsive improvement: what can improvers learn from responsive regulation
  3. The Juran Trilogy, useful in a provider but how could it apply in a regulatory agency? What might be different?
  4. How can learning networks help improvement go faster?

And suggestions from others (thank you Adam, Ann, Vicky, Minesh and Emma):

  1. Waste reduction through improvement rather then cost improvement through grip.
  1. The majority of our spend is on staff the biggest opportunity for reduction in waste comes through harnessing creativity, ideas and willpower. I think this is often lost because its hard to quantify. Overburden imho is the biggest waste in the NHS
  2. How to establish investors for improvement rather than gaining buy-in. Clearly defining the two and challenging system transformation leaders to hold the mirror up. Where am I and where are we?
  3. 5S and Kanban, how might that go together for a laundry, drug rounds or supplies process in a hospital, can it help with medication errors and process leadtime?
  4. The continuous improvement paradigm vs a series of improvement projects
  5. Starting improvement practice vs getting proficient
  6. Improvement culture as a determinant of improvement capability
  7. System wide determinants… contextual factors and improvement capability.. what does this mean for ICS/STPs?
  8. What could be in a QI curriculum and how would this fit with a coaching approach?
  9. Describe the 3 best improvement projects you have seen/been involved in, and why?

11. Covid-19 and Improvement theory, Kata, IC

12. Improvement in practice during COVID-19

13. Misunderstandings about lean, just in time and ‘lean is a tool for simple processes, not complexity’

14. Operations and QI, reflections on a conversation together

15. Improvement theory and covid-19, can this help us to understand ‘why’ we changed so fast?

16. 2 speed thinking… sequential and exploratory improvement

17. Reflections on Emiliani’s book on Classical management and lean thinking