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Persisting to learn: persisting to practice

I’m writing this blog whilst waiting for my daughter to graduate with her next Tang Soo Do red belt stripe. I think she will then have about 3-4 more stripes, before she can try to attain her dark blue belt. … Continue reading

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#Quality2019 : my reflections

I was lucky enough to be one of the 3500 or so delegates at the BMJ/IHI International Forum on Quality and Safety in Healthcare (the ‘Forum’), held in Glasgow last week. The annual conference held in Europe can be argued … Continue reading

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Improvement brands: Why, for what and for whom?

I read a tweet recently asking for more non-clinical involvement in healthcare quality improvement (QI) work. That, for me – ‘a non-clinician’, is a pretty shocking indictment of where the QI ‘movement’ seems to have gotten to. To a point … Continue reading

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What can I learn from Toyota Kata and tests of change?

I was inspired to write his blog by a tweet from @mikelombard earlier this week who was trying to respond to a question someone asked him, and he was trying to explain the difference between doing ‘tests of change’ and … Continue reading

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Reflections on improvement overburden

Quite recently I have gone back ‘into improvement practice’ after doing my PhD and policy jobs for the last 5 years. So back into the cut and thrust of ‘doing’ improvement work rather than thinking and writing about it. Back … Continue reading

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Matching Michigan: what can we learn from Zingermans and Mercy Health?

Last week my colleague Ann and I, were lucky enough to visit the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor to learn more from Drew Lochler and colleagues about the much lauded ‘Toyota Kata’, first described in the book of the … Continue reading

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Kanban: can we follow the learning from Pied Piper in ‘Silicon Valley’?

Youu may have seen the rather clever and funny HBO sitcom ‘Silicon Valley‘ exploring the lives of five white young male software engineers build a startup called ‘Pied Piper’. In the show, the team at ‘Pied Piper are developing their … Continue reading

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