About Me

I’m an manufacturing systems engineer  (sometimes also called a production engineer or industrial engineer or even in Europe a management engineer), with 20 years experience, who has worked in the petrochemicals, chemicals and life sciences industry globally (Europe, US and Asia).  I qualified as a Chartered Engineer with the Institute of Engineering and Technology since the end of 2003 (and I am registered with the Engineering Council).

I have spent the last 10 years working to improve quality in the National Health Service (NHS) in the UK, including leading in Liverpool some of the pilot lean work in the NHS, which led to the development of ‘The Productive Ward’.   For five years I led the first experiment of full organisational rollout of lean healthcare in the NHS, in Bolton, through the Bolton Improving Care System (BICS) delivering best possible care for patients.  I have also led improvement work nationally across England and North Wales in the NHS Blood and Transplant service which contributed to reduced cost per unit and reduced defects, reducing costs for hospitals and allowing these savings to be re-invested in patient care.

The work I have been privileged to be involved in has led to many quality improvements for patients and stakeholders including reduced mortality, reduced hospital length of stay, reduced harm (through falls and infections) and improved patient experience using co-design approaches.   Some improvement work, also didn’t ‘work’, for which I am grateful for the learning experiences.

I am a Health Foundation Fellow (Generation Q) and a member of the Q community.  I am very interested in healthcare quality improvement and believe that all staff and patients in all parts of the healthcare system should have a voice and the time and skills to help improve care for all.

I’m currently taking some time out, to complete a PhD in Business and Administration at Manchester Business School supervised by Professor Kieran Walshe and Professor Ruth Boaden.  My PhD is funded by the Health Foundation, a UK based healthcare charity. My research is examining healthcare regulation and improvement, and takes a dynamic capabilities theoretical perspective.

I use this blog to practice writing and communicating about healthcare quality issues and about lean healthcare.   I might write a load of rubbish, and I welcome constructive feedback.


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