Ten Benefits of Flow

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Ten Benefits of Flow

The idea of “flow” in manufacturing is widely know, even if maybe not so widely implemented. The world of software and product development is not much like manufacturing, but we can repurpose some of the ideas and concepts. Flow is one such concept we might choose to repurpose.

I guess most people involved in software and product development can intuit the idea of “flow”, but maybe not articulate it clearly or be able to cite the potential benefits of a flow approach.

“Economies of scale is a myth. Economies are in flow”

~ John Seddon

  • 10. Improves morale. Employees want to do good work. They want to see progress. They want be involved. Implementing flow brings these things together.
  • 9. Reduces inventory. With improved flow, work in process (WIP) is reduced.
  • 8. Makes continuous, incremental improvement (kaizen) easier. Flow is hard since it invites reductions…

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