My PhD visual control board

As indicated previously, I have had a go at a visual management board to help me work this year and to help me feel like I am progressing.

We have been advised to read 2 papers a day (so that turns into 10 a week, 40 a month etc) and write on our thesis for 1 hour a day. We have lots of other tasks, i.e. we need to find the papers to read, and we need to visit sites and collect data and then enter this, (I am not doing that yet) so I have tried to add that in too. Plus there is admin to sort for these tasks.

So this is the first pass, any suggestions for improvement let me know, I will let you know, how it works for me!



About joyfurnival

Interested in TQM, lean, Quality Improvement, Healthcare, Regulation, Accreditation, Inspection Improvement Science, QI, improvement capability.
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One Response to My PhD visual control board

  1. Mike Davidge says:

    Wow Joy! Another reminder as to why I don’t want to be an academic – it’s too much hard work. How are you capturing the data at the end of the week?

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