Reflections of an Improvement Advisor by @samh_mcewan


Scottish Patient Safety Programme for Mental Health

There have been several blogs on Ayrshire Health over the years that have examined the nature, meaning and importance of person centred care. SPSP MHI wanted to blog on this topic too and thought it would be a good opportunity to do so from the point of view of my current involvement in the Scottish Programme for Mental Health (SPSPMH) locally and recent “graduation” as an Improvement Advisor, courtesy of the Institute for Healthcare Improvement in USA.

Last year @SimonSRN wrote for Ayrshirehealth on the Scottish Recovery Indicator (SRI2) and national priorities of SPSP and NHS Quality Strategy, reminding services to bear in mind Person Centred Care as well as Safety and Effectiveness. He also highlighted the usefulness of Kotter’s stepped model for change management to influence service change successfully.Kotter

SPSPMH aligns well with the SRI2’s 10 indicators of recovery focused practice that are enshrined…

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