Students have an easy life?

Uni has started in earnest now, I had this illusion when I was working and dreaming of giving it all up to do a PhD that I would have endless time to sit in cafes and drink coffee and chat, and maybe occasionally do a bit of reading.  I definitely had memories of being an undergraduate with no responsibilities and the ability to get up, occasionally turn up to lectures, hand in some stuff at last minute and mostly drink and party, and frankly not working very hard at all. That rose tinted view of student life, is definitely not my reality!

This last few weeks, I have had nearly a full diary of lectures, seminars, supervisory meetings, group work meetings, library visits, reading sessions, essays to write, conferences to attend,progress reports to complete and training sessions!  Full on,  I don’t know when I am actually supposed to my thesis!   Discussions have been had on how to be a teaching assistant, how to actually use Turnitin, the plagiarism software (they definitely didn’t have that the first time around), where best to work, how to work – read or write or both daily.  Quite when given all the other stuff I have to do is beyond me!  And I am used to having a full time heavy job with responsibility so why is this much busier than I expected!  The whole idea of me being a 1950s housewife, taking the kids to school and then sometime in the day cooking them a home cooked meal, maybe even still working part-time and doing a PhD as well, maybe needs throwing out the window.

Students you know, we work hard!!  Definitely much harder than I was expecting!  Have you experienced the same thing, is it much more work than you thought?

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  1. Working as an adjunct was the most time consuming job I ever had! I had to quit and start waiting tables to finish writing my dissertation- hence the Dr. Waitress

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