My first blog

Hi all

So against all my rational argument and logical thinking I have decided to try to write a blog.

I am a bit worried, it might be another one of those impulsive things I do occasionally as it sounds like a good idea.  A bit like quitting my well paid job and doing a PhD instead!  Or is that just my mid-life crisis?  Or do I have a grand master plan and it is a good idea really?

Part of the reason for blogging is that a lot of the advice for research students is to start one.  So here goes.

I hope to write about the kinds of things that I am struggling with – like how to study and look after two kids at the same time; coping with reduced income (and the guilt and negotiations that come with that!); losing all the status you had earned in the workforce for the past 20 years; being in classes with a load of people who weren’t even born when you first went to University; what do you wear (seriously…work clothes are too formal, but seriously I can’t wear mum clothes either!); learning to be a learner again instead of an expert and I might even decide to sometimes share something that I am learning and thinking about (in the area of healthcare and quality!).  At the moment, it’s a lot of Epistemology, I’m not sure I can blog about that yet, it is soooooo confusing!

I’m going to do it anonymously to begin with, just to get to grips with the idea of it!  Maybe I’ll go public at some point!  If anyone reads this, I would like your feedback, preferably constructive!  If you are a mum, or indeed any mature student, going back to school like me, I even more would like your thoughts, it’s not that easy, is it!  Blogging though, for the first time, hasn’t been that bad!

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